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Special Cane

Back by popular demand, Special Cane is making its holiday return! This wintery candy cane e-liquid is as true to the real thing as it gets. But remember – good things never last! Special Cane is only available this holiday season and in limited quantities!

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Aether Springs

An update to the classic apple and grape flavour combination, Aether Springs mixes Aloe Vera into the mix to create a mouthwateringly fresh vaping experience. This light and fresh e-Liquid comes from one of the Nation’s favourite mixologists, Alex Beaucage.

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Nectar D'or

An incredibly nuanced and balanced blend of over 20 aromas; Nectar D'Or features a luxurious assembly of butterscotch, tobacco, whiskey, hazelnut, coffee and so much more.

Looking for the High VG ratio of Nectar D'Or? Shop the Sub Ohm ratio here

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Lion's Oil

The beloved Thick Oil favourite is now your new must-have Salt NIX™ flavour. This incredible caramel-vanilla tobacco e-liquid is sweet, rich and oh-so satisfying. An incredibly easy to vape flavour, Lion’s Oil is a great mid-point between luxurious dessert and a straightforward tobacco.

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This refreshing mix of iced tea, lemonade, apple and kiwi translates incredibly well into a 50/50 Salt NIX formula. Waves is an easy-going, all day vape for those who like a balance of sweet, tart and fruity.

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