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The Lab
This is where the magic happens! Vaporus Labs uses 100% custom-made, Canadian stainless steel machinery in conjunction with their ISO7 clean room. What’s more, they employ a team of highly qualified chemists, mixologists and technicians to follow an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system to guarantee that every bottle of Salt NIX is produced in the safest environment currently available to the vape manufacturing community. We are adamant about using the newest and best procedures to create our line of premium e liquid to ensure our clients a premium vape experience and it all starts with Vaporus Labs.
The Process
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Research & Development
Before any product begins production, we spend weeks, sometimes months, developing the product with our R&D team. We aim to consistently push the envelope by using new techniques and innovative raw materials. We do this to ensure that Salt NIX products always utilize cutting edge e liquid manufacturing technology to create the best vaping experience for our clients.
Once our flavour is perfected in R&D, we can begin production! Vaporus Labs mixes and bottles Salt NIX in their ISO 7 certified clean room. From there, our bottles are capped, labeled and sealed using custom-made machinery.
Quality Assurance
Most e liquid manufacturers end their creation process with their e liquid production, but not Vaporus Labs! Every batch of Salt NIX is meticulously tested by a team of chemists and qualified technicians.