Leak resistant and incredibly simple to use, the Minifit is an excellent choice for new and experienced vapers who are looking for an above-average mouth-to-lung salt nicotine vaping experience. The MiniFit pod-based electronic cigarette, by Just Fog, boasts impressive vapor production and wonderful silica wicking. The 1.6Ω pod, paired with its 370 mAh battery, packs awesome power and promotes long battery life with a swift re-charge time.
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Don't take it from us, Salt NIX™ is the consumer's favorite salt nicotine e liquid on the market! We never use harsh benzoic acids to neutralize the PH of our nicotine formula. Salt NIX™ uses only raw materials sourced from North American suppliers which creates a low gunk e-liquid that offers virtually zero after taste. Fantastic flavour and instant satisfaction guaranteed.
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Great Taste.
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