Frequently Asked Questions
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Are there plans to introduce new flavors to Salt NIX™?

We’re always working on new flavours! Join the NIX VIP newsletter to be the first to know when any new Salt NIX flavours launch!

Why are Classic flavours only available in 15ML?

Simple – This way we can offer Salt NIX™ at a lower price. Also, remember that you’ll use Salt NIX™ at a much slower rate than other e-Liquid because of its nicotine concentration. Instead of vaping the same flavour of Salt NIX™ for over a month, 15ml bottle will let you taste them all for little investment.

Why is the Salt NIX™ concentration so much higher than other e-Liquids I’ve vaped?

It only seems that way because until now, the vape industry has been using freebase nicotine exclusively. Salt NIX™ e-Liquid absorbs into your body at a different rate than freebase nicotine. If you want to know more about neutralized nicotine check out our page, Understand Salt NIX™.

Can I use Salt NIX™ in a sub ohm device?

No. We recommend using Salt NIX™ in low wattage, high ohm devices. A good rule of thumb to follow when determining what wattage you should be running when vaping Salt NIX™ is: If you are a 4% user, stick to a wattage between 7-12 watts and for 2% users, do not exceed 20 watts.

What's the difference between Salt NIX™ and traditional e-Liquid?

The major difference is how incredibly smooth Salt NIX™ is! In science terms, Salt Nicotine undergoes a proprietary processing treatment that neutralizes the harshness of freebase nicotine. In fact, nicotine harvested from the naturally grown tobacco plant produces what the industry refers to as Salt Nicotine and not freebase nicotine. Looking for more information about neutralized nicotine? Check out our page, Understand Salt NIX™.

Is there a difference between Salt NIX™ and other salt nicotine e-Liquid?

We work tirelessly to make vaping Salt NIX™ an entirely different experience in comparison! In terms of flavour, Salt NIX™ never uses Benzoic Acids to neutralize its nicotine. This way, users don’t get the undesirable, bitter or chemical flavour that one may associate to vaping other salt nicotine collections. Additionally, Salt NIX™ promotes slow oxidation so your e-Liquid’s color stays clear and bright for longer.

Where is Salt NIX™ made?

Salt NIX™ is made in a certified ISO 7 Canadian laboratory using an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system under the watchful eye of industry leading chemists and food scientists.

Can You Cancel my Salt NIX™ Order?

Unfortunately, orders cannot be cancelled once our warehouse has received them for fulfillment. If you need to cancel your order, email us at right away to see if we can catch it in time!

I think my product is defective! Now what?

We do our best to buy only the best hardware and accessories, but we also know that sometimes the quality of third party products is out of our hands. Not to worry if your hardware or accessories aren’t working as they should, because Salt NIX™ offers a 15-day warranty on select items! Visit our Returns and Warranty page for more information on the Salt NIX™ warranty.

Does Salt NIX™ have a return policy?

Made an impulse buy? Got the wrong coils? It’s a good thing Salt NIX™ offers a limited 15-day return period on any unused items that are factory sealed in the manufacturer’s original packaging. Need more info on making a return? Visit our Returns and Warranty page.

Can I become a Salt NIX™ Vendor?

Absolutely! Send us a request through our contact form and we'll get back to you within 5 business days.

I have a question that wasn’t addressed in this FAQ, how can I contact you?

We love your feedback and want to answer any questions that you may have. You can reach us at